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Accessibility.Community is a directory and a community of digital accessibility professionals. We are a true non-profit. We don’t have certification programs; we don’t have membership programs. Our only aim is to improve and grow the accessibility industry.

Our principals & identity

We will not be politicized. We will remain true to our core purpose: A community to help accessibility industry grow by sharing information and learning collectively and continuously.

We will not have jargon and purposefully induced complexity everywhere that makes our organisation look more sophisticated or essential than it is. We will demystify accessibility.

Who is behind this and why?

My name is Umut Gultekin. I am the founder of Accessibility.Community. I am a dinosaur when it comes to human & computer interaction, a seasoned (polite for old) product manager for web and mobile products, and a digital accessibility specialist. Not an expert, just a specialist on a small area. It’s nice to meet you.