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Accessibility.Community is a global directory and community of digital accessibility professionals.

We are a true non-profit. We don’t operate certification or membership programs.

Our aim is to improve and grow the accessibility industry through collaboration.

How does it work?

We validate our members’ skills and experience by reling on social networking between accessibility professionals. It’s free to become a member and you can invite others whom you think would be a good addition to this community.

Benefits of membership

  • Validate & showcase your experience
    • without certifications,
    • without exams,
    • without membership fees.
  • Contribute and help the industry grow.
  • Find connections, information, opportunities.
  • Find and learn exciting stuff.

We are very new. As we mature and grow, there will be more content and benefits.

Step 1 – Become a member for free

By becoming a member, you can display your accessibility expertise, connect with others, cooperate, collaborate, find opportunities, and continuously learn. Accessibility.Community is the glue our industry needs. It’s free now and it will be free forever.

Step 2 – Invite others

Invite people you know well and whose skills and experience you trust. Let’s grow the industry and enjoy the community together.